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Does Messiah solve recent iOS privacy changes that are impacting my ad campaigns?

Yes. Messiah was created to help advertisers to track and manage their campaigns – regardless of technology changes, including iOS devices.

Does Messiah respect user privacy?

Yes. Messiah gives advertisers the power to decide how their website data is processed. Messiah tracks all data and anonymizes unique identifiers if a user has selected privacy.

Is Messiah a reporting platform?

No. Messiah is a data processor that tracks activity on the website(s) where you are running your ad campaign. Messiah then feeds this data back into the algorithm of your advertising platform. The user dashboard in Messiah offers limited reporting so that you can then see the performance of your campaigns.

How difficult is Messiah to set up?

Setting up Messiah on your website takes as little as 2 minutes. It is a no code install that requires pasting 1 line of code into your website. There are 3 key steps to set up Messiah tracking and any ad platform.

1. Insert Messiah tracking code snippet into the head of your website to begin tracking

2. Authorise the relevant ad platform by logging into your account.

3. Paste any relevant platform specific pixel ID’s, API keys or tokens into the platform configuration page and select the events you wish to track. Messiah will immediately begin passing data in real time.

Is Messiah expensive?

No. We don't think so. Messiah was developed by advertisers, for advertisers and with the intention of making the platform affordable for all – be it new advertisers starting out, or enterprise level clients who run multiple campaigns. Messiah’s pricing is charged on a monthly basis, calculated at a flat rate of 0.9% ad spend, so our users have peace of mind. Think of it like a small credit card surcharge you would pay on transactions.

How quickly will I see results from Messiah?

Expect to start seeing results within 7 days and the full benefit starting to flow by 14 days. Messiah’s tracking algorithm takes 7 days to 14 days to start collecting and processing enough data to enable your ad platforms to start to fully optimize.

What ad platforms does Messiah support?

Messiah currently offers the ‘Meta’ universe (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. Audience Network) and Google Ads (Search, YouTube, Display & Gmail). We will shortly be enabling Tik Tok, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bing, Twitter and a Custom API for integration with 3rd party platforms.

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