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Messiah is an advertising technology company founded in 2021, a product of the need for advertisers across the globe to access their much needed data in order to effectively deliver profitable, scalable advertising campaigns in a world rapidly pivoting toward an internet that is ‘privacy first’.

Head quartered in Australia, our aim is to solve the ever evolving challenges and uncertainty facing digital advertisers with products and services that are considered best in class and accessible to audiences and advertisers of all sizes.

The spark that lit our fuse initially was the introduction of the iOS 14.5 changes and the upcoming death of third party cookies, but with each passing day advertisers face more challenges, restrictions and hurdles in order to get their ads in front of the audiences that matter to them most and it is our mission to ensure that achieve this in a manner that is both profitable and scalable.

Messiah is comprised of a team of highly experienced professionals from a range of disciplines befitting their roles within the organization; business management and finance, data sovereignty, locality, governance and security, digital advertising and marketing and enterprise grade application development at ad platform level using their native API’s.

What we bring to the market is an agile team hungry to deliver best in class solutions for the problems of today and and readiness and understanding for the emerging challenges that will face the industry tomorrow.

Messiah serves both agencies and brands and is focused on the U.S and Australian markets.

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